Monday, May 9, 2011

Tagging friends name in Facebook

Dear Readers,

Facebook has updated it's site with tagging friends from our list in simplest way.

By giving your friends name starting with Captial letter you can tag your post with your corresponding friends. How easy it's :)... Try it out...

Another Advantage is i can shorten my friends name as i wish. See the above screen it says "Sudhakar Pasupuleti" but i have edited him as sudhakar. In the post it will be shown as "Sudhakar" (See below). When you click on "Sudhakar" it will take to his profile.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Camera Roll unable to select in iPhone

How often do you see your iPhone Albums like this?

I use to see at-least 3 days in a week like this. This happens because of only one reason ie., you open your albums for editing existing photo's / using the camera roll in different application for taking photo's.

A simple solution is Press your Home button twice to bring the application which is running in the background (multi-tasking) and close those app's. Now go back to albums, that's it. You are good!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

How to block a Facebook user in Chat alone

Dear Readers,

Today let's see on how to block a particular friend in Facebook chat alone. We may need the users feed but to stay away from chat. This post will give you the solution for this.

1. Login to Facebook and on your left side click on "Friends" then click on "Edit Friends" button on the screen.
2. Click on "Create List" button and in the next pop-up window enter the name of the list as "Blocked Users in Chat" (You can define your own name) then select the users to block. Finally click on Create List after selecting the user.
3. Now you would be seeing your friends in the below list (Blocked Users in Chat).
4. Move your mouse to the status (arrow pointer) and click on "Go Offline". Doing this would appear you as offline for blocked users.

Note: If the user whom you are trying to block is added into multiple list then it may not work as you expected.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Solution for any Virus

Dear Readers,

Virus, Virus Virus it's annoying. Everyday new virus not a single antivirus tool stops all virus that comes in to our PC. Why? What to do? Which is the best antivirus software to buy?

Ops! series of questions when we open our mouth by spelling the word Virus. I am very sure no one will agree that virus can be stopped by a single antivirus program. Each program operates in different way and not all virus is updated, resolved thru a single tool.

I am very happy to introduce this site to my readers, Yes, I got a chance to walk thru on this site allows us to browse thru the virus which anoys us and build our own removal tool. Great! interested? Please don't stop reading this.

SocialAV is the worlds fast running online antivirus building community. Users can either search for the removal tool for the virus that anoys them, if not then they could add the name of the virus to this community. Members in this social site gives the possible way to resolve it. SocialAV will build an antivirus tool with those removal instruction which any user can download it and remove the virus. Wow!!! Give a try. You would like it.

Please remember this blog is to inspire others to learn and share. Please feel free to query me or give some tips to our readers.

Monday, March 14, 2011

iOS 4.3 Sync Issue

Dear Readers,

I just got a chance to look into the bug in iOS4.3 and found the solution too. When you sync your device with iTunes it gives error message as "the required file cannot be found".

This was a small bug with photo library sync in iTunes with iOS 4.3. To avoid this you have only 3 steps.

Step1: Uncheck the Photo library Synchronization and connect your iPhone to sync.
Step2: The auto sync will start syncronizing your device. Let it get synchronized without your photo library.
Step3: Upon successful sync click on the photo library to sync. This will sync your photo library again. This way you no need to worry about this bug.

I wish apple to fix this ASAP.