Saturday, May 8, 2010

Some Cool Features from Google

Dear Readers,

I am just listing some features from google on which few are known and others are new.

  • To know the time of any state or country just open up and type "Time " Eg: Time India
  • To know the definition of any word type "Define    Eg: Define turmeric
  • To know the weather of any particular area just type "Weather " Eg: Weather NJ 07306

  • Google for calculation Eg: 1+2*3-2=

  • Unit conversion
  • Currency Conversion

  • To check some websites related to particular criteria. Eg: If we type "" all the news webpages will be displayed/ will give all IT companies.

  • Ultimate feature, to track any packages status (only in US): (hitting enter key will take you to the status of the package directly, cool right :)

Note: Most of the above features can be realized the moment you start typing except couple of things.

Meet you all again...

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