Saturday, March 27, 2010

iPhone hacked in less than 20 sec

If I say iphone is ruling the mobile phone world for more than 70%, I am sure that you cannot disagree. If you see 10 people holding a mobile phone in a public place, among 10 majorities will be carrying iPhone. It’s famous for its touch use and music output.
There was a Pwn2Own contest held recently for 2010. It’s a competition for hackers.
Weinmann, a 32-year-old from the University of Luxembourg, collaborated with Iozzo (a 22-year-old Italian researcher from Zynamics) on the entire process — from finding the vulnerability to writing the exploit. They won $15,000 first prize .

How do they hack is like iPhone user was requested to visit a website thru iPhone browser and with no other input from the user they stole the phone's entire database of sent, received and even deleted text messages in less than 20 seconds, they also added that they could easily lift personal contacts, emails and your bla bla photos as well.
As the rule they have in the contest the winning formula will go only to Apple for further study. Hope they will do a good study and save us from hacking.

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