Saturday, March 27, 2010

iPhone remote controller + WiFi Digicam

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Today we are gonna see an application (Universal Remote) that is used in iPhone/ iPod touch. In our day today life most of the electronic items that we buy should have a remote. Else we prefer other choice. All the communications Medias such as TV, Laptop, Stereo system, home system etc., are operated via remote control.

Remotes are not very specific, they just read the signals via infrared and the devices are programmed to operate. IPhone/iPod touch has a new app now on which you can operate any device which reads infrared signal.

This app lets your handset communicate with all your AV equipment via infrared, contains an extensive database of devices, and can learn from any IR remote.
The App is free but the hardware will cost you around $70.

DigiCam with WiFi:
If you're looking for built-in wireless for uploading or emailing pictures sans a PC, you'll need to focus on the Samsung ST5500 & ST5000. You can take photo’s and upload to email or internet the moment you take. Cost is around$ 521. This is introduced in South Korea of which 14.2 megapixel sensors, a 7x optical zoom and your choice of black or orange color schemes.

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