Sunday, January 2, 2011

Testing your webpage in different browser

Dear Readers,

Happy new year to everyone! This is my first post this new year. I am very proud of my readers who gives constant support and hits to my blog and i hope it will continue this year too.

Today's post is something which would be interested for web designers. It's not an easy task to test your webpages in different browsers on how it looks and loads. There are many web browsers introduced every year and the top hit competitors are opera,chrome,mozilla,safari and IE. So any web designer who designs a webpage will test on these top browsers to ensure it works good.

How do we test it?Click here, this site offers us to test it for free. You can see how long it takes to load your webpage.

One minute and thirty seconds time duration is given to us for testing our webpages without any registration. Once you register the time line increases. You also can use this by paying for unlimited access.

Check out the video to know how it works. Happy hosting.

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