Saturday, April 3, 2010

Block programs executed by others

Dear All,

Yesterday my friend called me and said "Hi Abbu, i would like to block some applications in my PC so that it should not be executed by anyone else, do you have any idea?"

Guess my reply!!!

mmmm, i said "buddy, there should be some option which i m not sure let me give a try".  Then after i started my investigation which stopped me here.

A software named "Lockup", it manages the execution of applications in your computer. If you dont want some application to be executed by others in your PC (may be ur brother/sister/wife/friends) then this application would be a one stop solution for it.

Note: Make sure you have selected "Only the list below" else all the application including windows will be locked! :(

Open the application click on browse add the application whichever you want to block it. Now when someone tries to open then the user will get the below message

Click here to download.

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