Thursday, April 1, 2010

How to grand access to file for 1 day or for other time limit?

When you use some common PC @ home/office we will be in a position to share a folder or file to our friends or with colleagues.  After they use it we will forget to unshared, Ops!!! Human memory is not CPU J still we are humans.
Today let us see how to share a file or folder for 1 day or for some few hrs to others.

Yes, with no doubt this is freeware!!!

SecureShare is a freeware which allows you to add a password and expiration date to your files you would want to share to your friends or others, people can only view your files by entering the password you assigned before the expiration password arrives, Moreover your files cannot be copied, printed, saved, forwarded or printed. Mmmm….. You will love this when you start using it.

What you are waiting for??? Click here to download right now!

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