Thursday, November 11, 2010

Adding Watermark to a document using Microsoft Word 2010

Dear readers,

In every professional environment we have the concept of copyright and confidential. We prepare the document and share it with our clients alone which is highly confidential. We can say that it’s confidential /copy right to your own organization.

We cannot add a simple text which can say it’s confidential but how about adding a water mark in a document? It’s even simple and it can’t be edited by others.

To add the water mark in your work document follow the steps as mentioned below

  1. Click on “Page Layout” in the menu
  2. In the Page Backgroun option look for “Watermark” and we have some inbuild watermark in work. If that suits to you then we can add it. Else we can define our custom water mark by choosing “Custom Watermark”.
  3. In the custom window we have three options “No Watermark/Picture Watermark/Text Watermark”. It’s up to you to choose whatever you want.


  1. Thanks! That's an awesome feature that have helped me many times at the office. It's somehow making people take you more seriously at times.

  2. Good one I never new it's done like that - always wonder - thought it's done by PDF. Thnx!