Sunday, November 28, 2010

Resume Writing Tips and suggestion

Good day to everyone. The following post is about how to make your resume very professional and tips on Do’s & Don’ts in your Resume.

I am drafting this post with my own professional experience and the study on various management sites. This post will be helpful for all professional and my dear student friends.

Let’s start with Do’s and Don’ts in your resume.


  1. Your resume layout should fit in A4 sheet.
  2. Your resume should talk more about your professional exp/ studies (for freshers).
  3. Your resume should have date & place which will ensure your latest resume and your current place of preparation.
  4. Fit with some readable fonts (Arial recommended).
  5. Refer someone in the same industry (Eg: If you are in IT industry refer someone in the same industry instead of referring someone in chemical industry)
  6. Always project your details from latest to oldest as you can easily remember the latest one.

  1. Lie on your resume.
  2. Draw any background colors for your resume as it will not look good when you take print outs.
  3. Change your font’s for heading and content.
  4. Place your photograph on your resume, incase asked paste the hard copy of your passport size photo.
  5. Underline the headings instead bold it.

Now you just have a look into the attachment which will give you the format of the resume. Just fill and enjoy. All the best.

Click here to download the format with sample headings.


  1. thnx a lot abbu...

  2. Thanks, friend. Sending out a good and professional resume is not as easy at it sounds, and bosses sometimes over-consider the minor stuff like Fonts and colors.

  3. Now I can be it sure that I did it right - THANKS!