Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Onion That worked! A Grandma Tip for Infants


On Saturday my princess got vaccination. As you know once we get vaccination the following day the body temperature will go high. This is because the fight between the medicine and our body molecules.

As my princess was suffering with 100 temperature myself and my wife was very disappointed yesterday. Though it's normal in medical term it's new to us. As she is just 2 months and 4 weeks old we cannot give medicine for her. So doctors office was leave. We just took the decision to give grandma medicine for her. Yes, that worked well.

Grandma's Medicine is : "Cut an onion in half. Place each half into one of baby's socks. Now put the socks to your baby with cut side of onion against the soles of babies feet. Don't remove the socks for couple of hours. Check the temperature before you put the socks and after couple of hours. You will see the difference."

My baby was running with 100.1 temperature and within 2 hours she was 98.7. Please note that some babies will not like to have it in both legs so don't force them. Have it in 1 leg at least.

Note: It's just a tip that i have read and used for my kid. I am not saying it's the best solution. I recommend to consult your pediatrician before you do something.

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