Friday, December 17, 2010

Auto Recovery Option in Microsoft Word

Dear Readers,
Microsoft office plays a vital role in many of professionals and non-professionals life. Simply I can say whoever use computer they should be aware of Office tool. On which Word is one of the most important application when we say documents in computer.

8/10 users will not save the document the moment they have completed 100 words at least. This ends up in loosing data when there is power cut in your PC or your PC hangs. What if you are typing a big document for your official purpose and you lost when you are about to completeL. IT’s the saddest part and you will hate to do it again I know.

To avoid this we have a feature in Microsoft Word 2010/2007. You just need to click on Office button on the top of the window and select options. Now select Save in left side of the window and make sure you have specified the Auto Recover File location path is defined and you are aware of it.

Also the saving interval which I have highlighted in the figures will be helpful in recover your document until that point. You can also specify the document type such as 2007/2003 format etc.,

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  1. If auto recovery can't help, try Repair Word File. It can restore word files after HDD crashes, viruses. Tool launches under any Windows OS. It has clear, easy to use interface.