Thursday, September 2, 2010

Stop tracking your Voice & Video Chat by Google

Dear All,

Hope by now everyone might have started calling your friends of US & Canada by unlimited free calls feature offered by Google. Wow!!! Hope for this feature extension and more like this from google.

Gmail offers us to do video chat and voice chat to all it's existing & new users. To sever better google always have a tracking system by default to know about any discrepancy in it's services. In this way all your voice and video chat is tracked by google and In case if the system finds any poor quality or video transfer rate then it automatically set an alert to its system.

Google then investigates in the background to ensure there is no issues with this feature instead there could be other reasons like poor bandwidth, hardware issues etc., in your PC.

This feature comes as a default. If you don't like Google to trace your voice and video chat we can always disable this feature by 3 simple steps.

1. Goto Settings in your right top corner of gmail main window
2. Select Chat tab
3. Un-check "Report quality statistics to help improve Gmail voice and video chat"

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