Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Create your own Website for Free

Dear Readers,

Creating our own website has became very common now-a-days. Many companies in the name of blogs they have given us an option to design our own webpage on which we can share our thoughts/knowledge as i am doing it :).

May be by seeing this competition Microsoft has jumped and introduced a new offer to users. Yes, it allows us to create our own web page with our custom designs. It gives us the simple tools thru which any user can design their site by themselves. We don't want to be a web page designer to create this. It's very user friendly and allows you to create in simple steps.

If time permits i shall post the step by step design procedure for your convenient. If you are confident on how to create then what are you waiting for?

Click here to start designing your own web site.


  • Free Website hosting
  • Free templates and easy tools
  • Free email accounts
  • Free online support

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