Sunday, July 11, 2010

Exam (2009) - Movie only for Talented

Dear Readers,

Yesterday i saw a movie after long time. One line about the movie is "We need some talent to watch it".

Movie Name : Exam.

Story Line:

Eight talented candidates are taken for a final round of an interview. The invigilator gives eighty minutes to answer for one simple question. This eighty minutes decides their eighty years of their life. Whoever answers this one simple question after eighty minutes will be hired. He instruct the following rules to the candidates and starts the clock then he leaves the room. Instruction is: 

A candidate will be disqualified if

  1. They try to talk to invigilator
  2. They try to talk to the guard
  3. They spoil the paper kept on their table
  4. They leave the room voluntarily.
Time starts, the candidates turns their question paper and found it's only a blank sheet. Everyone gets disappointed. As per the rule they should not talk with invigilator/the guard so they started talking each other. Now the challenge for everyone is to find out the question before they answer. Each candidate is from different field they are confused about the position that they are hiring for?

No question found, but they have to find the answer for the question :) This movie is fully taken in a simple room. How can a 1hr 30 min movie be in simple room? Talent of director plays the entire movie.

Enjoyable scenes:
  1. The movie starts with introduction of each candidates with their preparation from rest room. It's pictured very well.
  2. Each step the candidates takes to find out the question is shown very clearly and logic.
  3. The fight b/w the candidates and the criminal ideas b/w them to win the test was pictured very neatly.
  4. Along with the candidates we will also start investigating on the question, that's true.

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