Thursday, July 1, 2010

Detect Suspicious Log ins

Dear Readers,

I know you all love Google as like me :). Yes, We all love you badly Google.

Mostly these hackers are targeting to access our email accounts to know our personal informations. Google has taken many steps to prevent these types of attacks and keep you secured. Few months back Google has launched a new features for Google account holders. Yes, this feature is to secure your Google account from hackers.

This feature will trace your login information and report to you on any suspicious activity on your account. What is suspicious here is  it will notify you with a message when someone log's on with your credentials in various locations. How does it works is as per the IP address provided by us the automated system @ Google tracks your login credentials in different location and alerts you incase of any suspicious activity.

For Eg: If you are have registered your IP address in New Jersey, then Google starts tracking your accessibility of account information in various location and if some one tries to login in with your credentials in another 30 mins in Canada obviously which is not possible then you will be notified with a message from Google. It will prompt us to report as an abuse and we can change the password immediately. 

If your spouse or any authorized person uses then you can skip it :).

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