Sunday, July 25, 2010

Sparkline in Excel 2010

Dear Readers,

Everyone knows that office 2010 has some great features compared to Office 2007. When office 2007 was introduced with some graphical changes the visual was very new to user and slowness + other stuffs are reported as a bug. Microsoft has did a deep study with the early bugs and fixed it in it's latest version. 

Today i am gonna show you an awesome features in excel 2010 i.e., Sparkline feature. It makes it possible to analyze information in more ways than ever before. Sparklines are mini-charts that you could place inside cells so that you can view the data and the chart on the same table.

I shall show you how to do the same today. 

1. Enter the data in five different columns as shown below.

2. Now select the adjacent column where we need spark-line to be shown (Here it's column-G2:G5).
3. Goto Insert--> click on "Insert Column Sparkline" 
4. Select the data range as B2: F5 as the data in this example is from B2 to F5.
5. Click on "OK" will have sparkline columns in Column G.
6. As per your requirement we can either select column/line/Win/Loss style sparklines to be shown in our sheet.

Here i have chosen as Line style.

From now on you can create sparkline graphs for better presentations. Hope you enjoyed this tutorial. See you again.

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