Saturday, July 31, 2010

Data Snatchers - Safeguard your Data

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It's not an easy statement for any IT technicians to say the best antivirus software in this world. None of the antivirus software is 100% protected is a generic statement that everyone says and knows. As like early, thread attacks thru web emails are comparatively less due to real time scanners on web mails. Now webpage attacks are more popular instead. 90% of the web materials including songs,videos, movies and documents are listened/viewed thru online  so the data snatchers started playing around these webpages.

What is Data Snatchers? 
Data Snatchers are the new breed of thief. Data Snatchers hide in even the most trusted websites, to steal your personal information: credit card details, private files & your identity. They don't normally leave any evidence that they have came into your PC and stolen your personal information. These type of threads are not captured by any antivirus/firewall protectors.  They stay in your PC for more than 24 hrs which you may not know though you have updated antivirus software.

Any antivirus softwares are powerless before Data Snatchers. They can live in your organization or on any most trusted webpages. AVG LinkScanner can only protect you from the Data Snatchers and raise your internet security to the next level.

Key features:

  • Validates the webpage before we open it.
  • Auto update on new threads in web.
  • It runs in the background without screwing up your normal work
  • Free Free Free Free Free
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