Sunday, June 27, 2010

Add Google Buzz to your Blog/Website

Dear Readers,

Everyone know what is Google Buzz, It's buzzing world now. Just buzz to your friends/entire world on what you feel/what you think. Today we shall see how we can add the Google Buzz button @ your website/Blog.

1. Goto You will get a screen as shown below.

2.  If you like to add Buzz button or follower button to your blog/website click on the appropriate link from the above screen then you will get redirected to another page where you will have HTML code that needs to be added into your blog/website.
3. Open Design mode in your blog for example and click on "Add a Gadget" and click on "+" under the  HTML/Java Script then paste the code that appeared on your page. Now you are done!!!

4. Open your blog/website you will have the buzz button as you see in my blog :)

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