Monday, June 21, 2010

How to install iOS4 in your iPhone

Finally it's out. I cant believe myself and i cant control my excitement to see how iOS4 will be !!!!!!!!!!!!

I have just updated iOS4 in my iPhone3GS hence i thought of posting about how to update your phone with new OS. Before you update you should be having iPhone 3G or higher version.

Below are few easy steps to be followed to update your iPhone OS.

1. Plug your iPhone to your PC on which you use sync.
2. After synchronization click on the iphone and in the right side click on "Update" button. You would be asked to download iTunes 9.2. Click on "Install now" button to start installing iTunes 9.2.
3. Upon installing iTunes 9.2 synchronization will take place. After that click on the iphone and again click on "Update" button
4. Click on "Continue", it will take some time to start initialization. It may sync and backup your device which is normal.
5. Read the instruction and click on "Next"  then keep moving until you go to end screen.

6. It will take 20-30 mins to update. Your phone may switch off and on automatically several times which is normal. Please dont unplug your Device.
 Finally you will get a new screen as below :) It's me and my wife at background :)

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