Saturday, June 12, 2010

Sell Digital Products Online

Today we are gonna see a website where we can sell your Digital Products such as eBooks, Zip Files, PDFs, MP3s etc online without any hassles.

This website is for people who are exploring the online web world but are short of knowledge/resources to market their own talent and digital product.

Follow the below sites to sell your products.

2. Select the files from your local system. The site allows up to 5 files and a total of 30MB.
3. Enter the name of your product and the price with the currency that you are pricing for it. The payment is done thru PayPal.
4. Type your personal details for your valuable customers to communicate with you.
5. Now start selling your digital products online.

How it works:

1. Upload your product and get your buy link.
2. Use the buy link to sell your product.
3. Your customer will be paying thru PayPal account. PayPal completes it's order and sends the money to you.
4. In Parallel PayPal sends the purchase information to UploadnSell then UploadnSell site creates unique expiring download link to customer. Now customer downloads your file and enjoys.

Cool Features

  • It's Free - just upload and sell!
  • Start selling in 5 minutes
  • No registrations required
  • No fees, royalties, commissions
  • Instant download for your customers
  • Protect your products with expiring download pages
  • Cash straight into your own Paypal account

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