Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Creating Folder in iOS4

One of the most listed feature in iOS4 is folder creation. Let's see how to create the same today.

1. Hold any of the application until the application started dancing.

2. Now hold that particular application and move to another similar application (Eg: Move one game into another game). The moment you move you will get a screen as below

3. iPhone will detect the category and name the folder automatically. Incase if you want to rename it then just start typing it.

4. Repeat step2 to move all the applications into that folder. Max you can move only 12 apps in a folder. Finally you will get as below.

5. Incase if you moved any application to different folder by mistake then just double tap on that folder you will get the list of applications as below. Hold that app and keep moving outside that folder and other folders will be active. Move and release your tap once you reach the right folder.

Hope you enjoyed!!! Have a good Day :)

Will see the next feature soon.

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