Saturday, June 26, 2010

iPhone Notes in Email Accounts

iPhone 4 has been released a day before the exact day promised to customers. It's now rocking. This post is not about iPhone 4 instead iOS4 notes feature.

iOS4 has an advanced features like we can write a notes to our mail account. For example when i take any notes in my iPhone the same can be viewed in my Gmail account under Notes lable. I know you will ask how:). Let's see now.

1. Open "Notes" application from your iPhone.
2. Incase if you are in mid of any notes then tap on "Notes" tab and again to "Accounts" tab. By this way you will reach the main page of notes.
3. You will see all your email accounts that you have singed in your iPhone. Tap on any of the account on which you want to add notes.

4. Tap on "+" to add new notes to that account. Once you add notes the same will be reflected in your Gmail account under "Notes" label.

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