Monday, June 7, 2010

Firewall Alarm

I know Fire alarm but what's this new term Firewall Alarm? By seeing the above topic obviously you might have questioned yourself.

Yes, Though you have every second updated and latest antivirus; if i say 99.9% of antivirus misses 1 in 3 new viruses you cannot say NO. Also not all antivirus protect us from hacking websites. Now a days getting into one's system to steal any data is a game b/w teens.

Firewall is the only way that you can protect these type of strangers getting into our system. Your system should have Inbound/outbound firewall, Anti-Phishing and site check and should monitor the transmission in your network.

I would say i have windows firewall but you know windows firewall just protects you from inbound and protect you from stealth mode, but what happen to anti-phishing, outbound firewalls etc... 

Don't confuse yourself, Just grab Zone Free Firewall Software to protect your system from strangers.

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