Sunday, June 6, 2010


Dear Readers,

I understand that my posting frequency was reduced when compared to the past, I am sorry about that. I shall ensure that i do a frequent post to my blog. I am thankful to everyone who reads this blog. Please share with your friends and give me some good hits.

Today i would like to talk about the paperless concept. I know that you all are aware of what is paperless (Yes, the concept of having a soft proof/copy rather than hard copy ie., in paper).

This concept is to make sure that we have green environment. Papers are made by destroying our beautiful natural trees. To avoid cutting trees and save rain now a days people started the concept of "GO GREEN"

By saying the word Go Green will not help but we should do it in action. Dont worry, i wont ask you to go for some public walk or a marathon :). Instead just change your way of living slightly as stated below.

  • If you have a bank account, Subscribe to deliver your statement thru email
  • If you have a mobile, subscribe to have your statement online
  • If you have internet, subscribe to have your statement online
  • If you have a Current/water bills , subscribe to see online
  • If you have a document to read please read online/in your personal PC. In rough case take a back to back print out.
The above are some common things that everyone has in our life. It's not that we are saving only the paper in the above scenario, we also save the electricity and the ink that used to print these things.

I request you all to go green... Let's save something for our future.

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