Saturday, June 26, 2010

Stories Read and shared by Kids

Smories are free original stories for kids, read by kids.  Just open this website for your kids they wont go out of this anymore :). 

This web site was launched by a parents like us. Lisa Swerling & Ralph Lazar are the owners of this webpage.

They went for a trip @ South Africa with their 8 yr and 6 yr old daughters. These kids got bore as that was a lengthy journey in deserts. 8yr old daughter to keep her busy she started to film herself with some short stories in their iPod and play for her sister. And they both engage themselves thru out the journey with these short stories which triggered these couple to launch such website.

Kids can read stories and share their stories online. Don't say me that we already have YouTube. Yes, we all love YouTube but this is only for kids whereas YouTube is for the entire world.

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