Saturday, June 12, 2010

The Burning Plain (PG18+)

The burning plain - A story about a gal who finds a secret relationship of her mom.

Sylvia is running a hotel and she use to have relationship with anyone she likes.  She sleep with one of her servant in her hotel. When days move on she use to have contact with one of her customer which this servant dont like. He warns Sylvia and there was an argument happening. In mean time a frequent follower named Carlo save her and sylvia took her to home. She offer Carlo to have relationship with her. Carlo rejects it and go out of his home. 
The next day Carlo started following Sylvia. 
She turn back and should at Carlo and says "What do you want? Who are you? " 
Carlo replies "Mariana I would like to talk to you?" 
Sylvia replies to him "I am Sylvia, i dont know who is Mariana?" 
Carlo answers "Your husband has sent me, I have came here to see you with your kid MARIA"
Sylvia: ??????
Who is Sylvia? Why did she changed her name from Mariana? What happened b/w her husband and her? is the rest of the story.

Lovable moments:
Below are the moments that i loved in this movie.
  • The way the story was formed and edited was awesome. Special thanks to Guillermo Arriaga(Director)
  • When Mariana saw her kid for the first time after she gave birth, the expression that she gives is awesome
  • Maria's reaction on when her mom fights with her Carlo to speak to her daughter.
  • When Mariana came to know that her mom is having secret relationship with an another person, they way she investigate to find it was narrated good.
  • The story from the beginning goes as two different tracks and  the final co-relation was shown in a cute manner.
  • There are many more, Just watch out.

Watch out the trailer here:

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