Sunday, June 6, 2010

Sneakers - Hacking + Thriller Movie

Dear Readers,

Today i thought of posting a review of a movie that i watched couple of hours ago.

A sneaker is a thriller + computer cryptographic hacking related movie which was released in the year 1992 on which i was introduced to the world of computer :).

It was directed by Phil Alden Robinson and released on 9 September 1992.

Story line:
A testing security team which is leaded by Martin Bishop is blackmailed by two government agents to steal a top secret black box compromising to clear this teams black records.

Martin Bishop and his team steal this black box and they decode the box, they discover that it has the capacity to decode all existing encryption system around the world and this government agent who hired them is fraud.

Now Martin bishop was kidnapped by that gang and what happened after that is the rest of the movie...

Magic Movements:
This movie is a full thriller kind of movie and the best part that i loved most is

1. The blind man in the team helps to recover the black box with his sound observation.

2. When Martin goes to steal the black box back where he was requested to urge but due to sensor he cannot.

3. The analog and first generation of computer's how the system works was cool.

Watch out the trailer  here

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