Saturday, June 12, 2010

Daylight Robbery PG 12+

Dear Readers,

Today i saw couple of movies on which i feel they are too good. Hence sharing the same. 

We might have seen in many movies where bank robberies occur as a 5 mins and 10 mins scene. Usually robbery itself is an interesting scene's in movies(not in real), if i say you have a full length robbery movie, how will you feel? I know you will love it.

Story line:
A team of 5 members plan to steal millions of untraceable cash that is stacked in the underground vaults of The London Exchange Bank. This gang joins with a team to see The World Cup Tournament in Germany and from the airport they check in. Instead of passing through to Departure Lounge, the gang head out to the car park and drive thru the bank.

They block the exit with their vehicle and started to steal millions of cash. The moment they get inside to block the exit one guy among the gang will get hurt. He needs to get medical assistance. The police arrives the bank and rounded up.

How they rob the bank? What happen to that guy who needs medical assistance? Did they rob the bank? is the rest of the story.

This movie is based on a real robbery event.

Lovely Scenes:
  • The entire movie is narrated without any violence is the best part of the robbery movie.
  • The way they plan to take out the cash from the bank is unusual.
  • Entire team will be helping each other though they have many misunderstanding within them.
  • When a doctor was sent to help, he will be requested to undress himself before he get into bank. With no reply or request doctor will undress to help that guy.

Watch out the trailer.

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