Friday, June 11, 2010

Creating Yahoo BUZZ button in blog

BUZZ is a famous word in the world of internet. When Google introduced buzz everyone ran behind it and many twitter users jumped into Google buzz.

This post is certainly not about google buzz whereas it is about Yahoo Buzz. Yes, Yahoo has introduced buzz some days back and it's slowly booming up.

This post will describe you how to add Yahoo Buzz button into your blog which will increase your blog hits. By using yahoo Buzz in our blog, it helps our blog to reach many yahoo users. This way you can increase the # of visitors into your blog.

Try it out.

Step2: Sign in with your ID or create a new id if you dont have yahoo account.
Step3: Once you are successfully signed in, you can see many different types of buttons and Get code options parallel to those buttons.

Step4: Choose which type of button do you want in your blog and click on "Get code" link. Copy that code and paste wherever you want to appear in your blog 

Happy Blogging. :)

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