Sunday, June 13, 2010

Share YouTube video in Orkut,Tweeter,Facebook automatically

Dear readers,

Having Orkut/Tweeter/Facebook account is common now-a-days and even a 8th grade students have this accounts :). If you are introduced to internet the first thing most of us do is first create an email account (gmail is mostly used) and create one/more social network account.

We use to have 100's of friends in this social n/w and we use to share many of our personal feel and happenings with them. Sharing YouTube video is common and mostly used in social network. We shall see how to do it automatically from YouTube account to Facebook/Tweeter/Orkut.

  1. Login to YouTube
  2. Goto Accounts --> Settings --> Activity Settings
  3. Now check the options under  "What activities do I share?" and  Click on "Connect Accounts" to either of the one listed under "Where do I share my activities?".
  4. Carefully login to your social network and read the permission levels that they are about to share.

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