Saturday, June 19, 2010

Creating Playlist in YouTube

Dear Readers,

Today We shall see how to create a play-list in YouTube.

1. Login to Youtube.
2. Click on Your account name and select My Videos.

3. Click on "New" Drop down menu and select "PlayList"
4. Enter the name of your Playlist in the input box that appear and click on "Create" button. Here in this example i created a playlist named "Illakiya's Birthday"

5. Enter the information as requested in the screen and click on "Save Changes"
6. Click on  "Uploaded videos" in the left panel and check the list of video's that you want to save as playlist.
 Once check the list of video's click on "Add To" button and select "Playlist"
7. Now select the Playlist for which you want to add the selected video's to. (Here i choose Illakiya's birthday to add both her video's)

8. Once you Click on "Add to Playlist" button as above the selected video's will be available in the playlist.

9. Incase if you want to edit the sequence/position of the playlist, Select respective Playlist from the left panel and click on the numbers of the playlist directly.. It will change to edit mode and re-arrange the #'s.

10. Hope you enjoyed this Tutorial. 

Thanks for reading.

Yours-- Abbu

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