Sunday, June 13, 2010

Untraceable - Every clip thrills you PG 13+

Today I watched a movie titled "Untraceable". This movie is about an FBI unit that searches for and solves cyber crimes, which is anything involving the internet and computers. 

Diane Lane plays Jennifer Marsh in this Movie. They use to involve in the case where some theft and other computer related crimes happen until they saw a site named "". A Psycho killer kidnaps the person and setup the environment to kill that person. The video streaming is done live and the more viewers the faster the victim dies. It's like the visitors of the page kills the victim.

The first murder starts from an animal, and it continues. Jennifer starts investigating this case and the challenging part to her team is they couldn't trace the website The website server keeps changing to different location. In the second murder the victim gives a clue which FBI team captures to investigate faster. Meantime FBI head gives a press meet to request US people not to visit this site. Every one are humans, what to do??? The viewers keep increasing faster in millions and the victim dies soon.

One day a team member of Jennifer is kidnapped and he is streamed lively. FBI team doesn't know what to do and how to react. The viewers keep increasing and the guy is gonna to die. Jennifer with the help of his team member she reads that guy's eye reaction. He gives the clue to FBI. Whether FBI reacted fast and saved that guy? Who was that guy? Why he kills everyone? is the rest of story. You can see some logic fall with FBI move which is common in movies. They should have given some extra care on this.

Lovable Scenes:

  • Every scene is well narrated and makes you to sit on tip of your chair.
  • The person behind the website starts coming after Jennifer and he will set up a camera outside of her house. Her daughter would see that in her PC and goes out of the home to see where is the cam. It was very interesting.
  • When a FBI agent was kidnapped and he tries to give the clue thru his eyes was unusual + interesting. 
  • The more visitors view the website the victim is killed soon. The website lets the viewers kill the victim
  • When Jennifer was kidnapped by the killer the scene was narrated very interesting.

Watch out the trailer

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