Saturday, June 19, 2010

Creating and uploading Video's in YouTube

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Today i am gonna show you how to create a video of your own and upload the same into YouTube. Video is an another way of expressing your feel visually. YouTube provides a great opportunity to share your video with your friends and family for free.

We use to take photo's and video's thru our camera/other device, once the photo's or videos are stored in your memory card we would be downloading to PC and hosting into web. Why don't we merge the video's and photo's into a kind of movie by adding our loved music into it? Let's watch out how.

Creating video's using movie maker.

Windows Movie maker comes free with Windows which would be easy for us to create a movies with your photo's or video's. I use some different video maker tool which is not free :)

Watch out the below tutorial to know how to create a movie using windows movie maker.

Hope you all enjoyed the above tutorial.

Now let's start to see how to upload the video into YouTube .

1. Sign into with your gmail id.
2. Once you sign in you will be seeing an option at the top right corner as "My videos", please click on that.

3. You would be seeing a screen as below. Click on "New" and choose "Upload videos"

4. Now in the Upload Screen you have two options, either you can upload a video that's created by you or you can capture any new video thru your Webcam. Click on the "Upload Video" button now to upload the video which is already available.

Note: You can upload a video of size upto 2GB or it can be upto 10mins in length.

5. Choose your video and click on Ok to start uploading it. You should fill the options like "Title","Description","Tags","Category" and Privacy settings.

Privacy settings is the one which is more important. You have three options one as to share the video to entire world or we can share with particular youtube viewers or one who knows the link alone can view.

Upon filling these options click on "Save changes". You will be getting an message as "Changes pending: your video settings will be saved once your upload is completed." in the top of the screen.

6. As per your internet speed the video upload will take place. Now you can just sit back and relax. You tube will convert this video into .flv format and load. If your video has some copyright songs then you would be receiving an email to your account in less than 4 mins but if any action required from your end will be notified in that message. If the video is restricted as per the youtube policy then you wont be able to see it in web.

Below video is the one which i have created when we went for my neighbour's birthday. Thanks for watching.

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