Saturday, June 26, 2010

Creative Ad @ TimeSquare

Dear Readers,

Today i went to TimeSquare @ NY with my mom & wife. When we all were roaming in the street suddenly we see many people standing opposite to a shop and dancing, jumping, saying Hi with raising hands etc... I was wondering what's that and went near to the crowd.

Then only i realized that a new shop has been opened @ TimeSquare named "Forever 21". The ad that they displayed on the shop has a video camera which shoots the people standing outside. A girl appears in that display. She clicks some photo's of the people standing in front of that shop and show your photo's to you on the screen :) Very funny and creative too. An another gal comes and erases the images on the screen with a liquid :).... Just watch out this video you will know.

Visit this Shop online @

Watch the ad

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